Things done by choice dental to ensure patients safety

In attending to your oral health care needs, we have implemented the following –

  1. Use of minimal paperwork for our processes
  2. Face to face Front Office Administration is limited
  3. Wearing of masks by patients and caregivers is being encouraged while not receiving treatment
  4. Air Purification – After each patient’s treatment, the atmospheric air is disinfected
  5. Staggered scheduling of dental team members and patients to avoid excess contact between people in our office
  6. We are continuing the use of PPEs, that is, face shield, face mask, gloves and goggles. We also continue to encourage the use of eye shields by our patients
  7. Non-essential Items and non-clinical items including magazines, flyers, brochures and journals are not being displayed in the reception area
  8. All exchanges of payments are sanitized with disinfectant spray
  9. We encourage information taking and payments over the phone or electronically (by email)
  10. By the use of DryShields, we are limiting aerosols generation in the operatories
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