Tasha came to our office and is wondering why the dentist said she needs braces!!!

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, and it is no secret that braces can help deliver one! People with beautiful smile tend to be more confident and successful. There are more benefits from wearing braces than just the straightening teeth. Along with the aesthetic benefits of wearing braces, health benefits can also be experienced. Most patients may not be aware of the dangers associated with misaligned teeth.

Let’s discuss the other benefits of wearing braces and how it can improve oral / overall health

1. Tooth Decay and Gum Disease: Crowded teeth cause overlap, which create tight areas between and around the teeth. This can make cleaning the teeth and gums very difficult, which allows bacteria and plaque to build up, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. With orthodontic treatment, your teeth become properly aligned and allows for more effective cleaning.

2. Damage to the Teeth: : Protruding front teeth are in harm’s way especially for children and individuals who are involved in activities such as contact sports that increase the risk of blunt force to the mouth. The teeth are at a greater risk of fracturing, breaking or even falling out entirely due to the positioning of the teeth. In order to avoid this damage to the teeth, we recommend braces.

3. Difficulties with Speech: Teeth play an essential role in speech. When they are not aligned, the speech is affected causing embarrassment, loss of confidence and even depression in some kids. Braces can correct the positioning of the teeth to allow for distinct words pronunciation, clearer and more professional speech.

4. Bone Erosion: Poorly aligned teeth may damage bone supporting the teeth leading to bone and teeth loss. Damaged bone may be repaired once the teeth settle in their new position after orthodontic treatment is completed.

5. Digestion: Teeth play an important role in digestion by chewing the food. If teeth are misaligned, chewing is inefficient and digestion is not complete.

Braces can help alleviate a host of oral health problems, and may save you lots of money and time in the future. If you are unsure whether braces are right you, consider the benefits above. You will be getting more than just a beautiful smile!

At Choice Dental, we will be happy to answer your questions about braces or Invisalign and how they may be of benefit to you. Please visit us at our office in Victoria Island, Lagos or give us a call today at 0700(DENTIST) and set up a consultation appointment.

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