Pericoronitis is inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar(wisdom tooth). The condition most often occurs in molars that are not fully visible in the mouth.

Most times a flap of gum tissue is seen covering the crown of the impacted tooth.
A major characteristic of pericoronitis is swelling, pain, redness around the area and may lead to limitation in mouth opening.

So how does it occur?

A tooth slowly comes into the mouth. It is partially covered in gum tissue.
For lower wisdom teeth, there is usually insufficient space for the tooth to come in completely. As a result, the tooth gets stuck halfway in and can’t come in any further. This condition is more common in lower molars than in the upper molars.
Food debris gets trapped underneath the gums.
The food collects bacteria, the bacteria multiply, leading to an infection. The infection leads to swelling around the gum and causes pain.

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