Dear Dr,
My name is Tolu and I am in my early 20’s but I still have some of my baby teeth in my mouth. However, most of my friends said theirs has fallen a long time ago. What should I do?

Dear Tolu,
I very well understand how you feel right now. This is not a normal occurrence. I am sure some of these baby teeth will be causing alignment issues. Please see a dentist right away to prevent further damage.

Below are some of the possible complications of retained deciduous/baby tooth:

1. Dental Crowding: This occurs when there is insufficient space for the teeth in your mouth. There are a lot of causes but one of them is retained baby tooth.

2. Lack of self confidence: Inability to have a bright smile might as well affect self confidence and expression among one’s peers. Retained baby tooth can result in ugly looking smile.

3. Gum disease: Gum disease (Periodontal disease), is an inflammation of the gum, bone and tissues that support teeth. If these don’t receive appropriate dental treatment, the affected teeth may become loose and fall out. This can be a complication of retained baby tooth.

4. Difficulty with chewing: There may be lack of balance between the jaws when chewing due to the presence of extra tooth. This could result in difficulty during meal times.

At Choice Dental, we will be happy to answer your questions about retained baby tooth/teeth and how it can be managed. You can visit us at our office in Victoria Island, Lagos or give us a call today at 0700(DENTIST) and set up a consultation appointment.

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