Lola is looking forward to her regular check-up and cleaning at the Dental office. This already puts her ahead of at least 99% of Nigerians who skip their six monthly dental checkups.

The dentist tells her that she needs “Deep cleaning” !

The fee is even much higher than that of her regular cleaning. Could this be a scam?

What is deep cleaning?

      • Also known as Scaling and root planning
      • Very much an established dental treatment and standard procedure
      • Needed when regular cleaning had been done routinely and X-rays were not taken to verify the need or where regular professional cleanings had not been done routinely
      • Scaling is removal of hard deposit (tartar or calculus) and bacteria from above and below the gum line. Tartar destroys the bony support of the teeth.
      • Done manually or with ultrasonic scalers and may require several visits.
      • May need to be numbed for the procedure : each quadrant cleaning may be up to 45mins
      • You may need deep cleaning often if you neglect your oral health.
      • Improvement after the process should be noticed within days especially if you continue with good oral hygiene practices
      • Sensitivity is one of the side effects of this procedure

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